Website design in SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the strategies used by website owners for getting free and unlimited traffic from the search engine. This type of traffic is highly targeted and known to bring higher ROIs to the business.

However, for any website to set foot on the right path as far as SEO is concerned, there are a few website design elements which must be taken into account. They include but are not limited to the following:

Improved site usability

Improved site usability will ensure that your site visitors can easily navigate the website and find useful information that they are looking for relatively quickly. This is an important design element because it reduces the bounce back rate which might make the search engines downgrade the SEO rankings of that website.

Faster page speeds

The current internet user is very impatient and they will not stick around to wait for pages that take forever to load. Consequently, the page speeds of the website need to be fast so that they can be rendered immediately to the users send in the request. Page speeds are also a ranking factor by the search engines, and if they are slow, getting good SEO results may become a problem.

Zero duplicate content

Content is another major element of web design in SEO. The content must be original and unique with zero duplicates. This is how to provide site visitors with the kind of content that  they will keep coming back for. This is key for the search engines since they are keen on showing results of website that offer users rich and unique content.

Mobile friendly designs

A while back, mobile-friendly sites were thought to just be for enhancing the user experience by making it possible for them to access the sites on mobile devices. But this has changed since the search engines revealed that they are now including mobile friendliness in their ranking algorithms. In simple terms, if your website is not mobile friendly, you may not enjoy the full potential of search engine optimization.