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For a successful website, there are certain elaborate processes which ought to be followed during the design of the website. A website should not just be a combination of beautiful graphics, but rather a representation of the business on the internet and most importantly, an online marketing tool for the business. In designing such a website, therefore, here are the processes which ought to be followed:

Goal identification

The design process must start with a goal identification. It is imperative for the business owner to understand the needs of the business and communicate them effectively to the designer. This is how the designer will use their skills to give an actual representation of the client’s goals in the website.

Sitemap and wireframe creation

With the goal clearly stated, the next process is to lay the foundation of the design using a sitemap. This is basically to create the information architecture of the website and to see how many pages the site will have and the relationship of the various pages. It is the sitemap and the wireframe that will ultimately guide the content creation of the site.

Content creation

The content of the website should serve two purposes: to provide the site visitors with useful and valuable information and to provide the search engines with the content they need to rank the site organically. These two component must be considered keenly when coming up with the content for the website.

Testing the site

Before the site is finally launched, it is tested thoroughly to ensure all the process and programs are running smoothly. It should also be tested across various browsers and devices to ensure it doesn’t have any compatibility issues. All issues that will be noticed at this stage must be resolved before the final launch.


Once everything is tested and ascertained to be working, the website can then finally be launched so that the public can start using it to access the business. Continuous monitoring will then be ensured, and any post-launch issues which may arise should be resolved immediately.