medical social media

Social media has an impact on all business. The normal buyers and subscribers of services are the same people you find in various social media platforms, so it makes a lot of sense for businesses to interact and engage them through those platforms.

Regarding healthcare services, the influence of social media has been incredible.  Various practices and practitioners adopting the use of social media to make their services reachable to the masses and to increase the scope of their interaction with current and potential clients.

Here are a few of the ways that social media has impacted healthcare services:

Dissemination of information

This is by far one of the greatest gifts that social media has offered to healthcare services. By creating groups with followings, healthcare organizations now have an affordable and efficient way to share information about their services with their followers. Whether it is the service they offer or useful healthcare information, it is now a breeze for practices to reach their audiences with the use of social media.

Training medical personnel

Some healthcare organizations have turned to social media for training medical personnel. This is evident from the utilization of social media features such as hashtags during presentations or procedures and also encouraging their members to join specific groups where they can hold online sessions to cover various aspects of their services. This makes it possible for practices to share their information and train their personnel on new methods and procedures without the need of having to travel to one facility.

Live updates during medical procedures

Though some people think this is a bit controversial, surgeons and doctors are now providing live updates from the theatres. Social media has made it possible for them to share with fellow doctors in real time their progress about an on-going procedure. Such information can also be availed to medical students or any other person who may be interested in that specific procedure. This is a capability that the industry never had a few years ago before social media became part of our daily lives.