Web Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgery

Best Web Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgery

Success in plastic surgery will be very slim if you cannot have a steady stream of plastic surgery patients. Even with good skills and excellent number of referral patients, the progress will be incomparable to when you invest in professionals marketing for plastic surgery and to help you attract, convert and retain more clients, consider [...]
Reasons for Medical Marketing

Reasons to Invest in Medical Marketing

With the advent of the digital age, it is prudent for all the medical practitioners to invest in medical marketing to complement their other marketing methods. In the past, doctors and healthcare professionals relied on word of mouth, hospital affiliations and insurances companies to get the word out there about their practices, and whereas such [...]
SEO Tactics for Healthcare Website

SEO Tactics for Your Healthcare Website

Whenever people hear about SEO in healthcare web design, all that comes to mind is having an army of back links and analytics. Whereas back linking and analytics are important in any SEO strategy, they are neither the core nor the only components of the system. Content and the social media are vital too when [...]