Web Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgery

Success in plastic surgery will be very slim if you cannot have a steady stream of plastic surgery patients. Even with good skills and excellent number of referral patients, the progress will be incomparable to when you invest in professionals marketing for plastic surgery and to help you attract, convert and retain more clients, consider the tips highlighted below:

Know how plastic surgery patients make their decisions

Plastic surgery patients will be more comfortable opting for your services if they can get convinced beforehand that they will receive good services. The way to make them believe in you is to make good use of past patient testimonials, before and after photos and also have your credentials or accomplishments clearly indicated to them. Additionally, you must objectively help your clients make good decisions and reassure them appropriately in case they have any doubts or appear to be afraid of certain procedures.

Target your audience correctly

It pays to know who wants what plastic surgery services. By categorizing your potential patients according to their needs, it will be easy for you to create effective marketing campaigns that will lead to higher returns on investments. For instance, identify the potential clients in need of mommy makeover, tummy tuck, breast reconstruction etc then focus your attention on converting them into clients.

Don’t ignore your patients

Most patients change physicians not because they received poor services, but because they felt neglected after the procedure was completed. It is vital to keep in touch with the patient from the moment they fill up the contact form on the website up to the moment they recover fully from the procedure. Most patients perceive that the surgeons are out to take their money and feel neglected once they get up from the operating table. Whether this is perceived or true, it is imperative to show care and concern for the patient as long as possible so that you can maintain trust and keep them coming back to you.

Let your past patients be your brand ambassadors

With every patient who passes through your hands, encourage them to refer their friends to you if they are happy with the results they obtained. One of the most effective ways to have your previous customers become your brand ambassadors is to incentivize them with money or special gifts. You can promise to give them commissions on the referrals they bring to you or you can offer them free checkups to monitor their progress if they will get more of their friends walking through your front door.

Make the patients feel special

There are a number of ways you could employ to make cosmetic patients feel special when they visit your practice. You must first remember that everyone desires to be treated special and made to feel great. For cosmetic patients, you have to be more than just warm and welcoming when they walk into your clinic. For instance, if they are new clients, offer them surprise bonuses and discounts and if they returning patients, also make them feel special by giving them coupons or special price cuts.

Focus on the high value clients

Focus the bulk of your energy on the high value clients. This is not to mean that you ignore the rest, but you should angle your marketing to target the high value clients as they are ones who will bring worthwhile returns to your practice. Know where to find them and how to target them with your marketing, so that at any given time, they will make more than 80% of your total clients.